Centre for Screen Studies presents: Visual Dialogues
Wednesday 24 February, 5-7pm, John Casken Lecture Theatre, Martin Harris Centre.
Title: IMAGES AND EVIDENCE: Human Trafficking, Auditing, and the Production of Illicit Markets in Southeast Asia and Beyond
Speaker: Johan Lindquist, Associate Professor, Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University

Johan Lindquist is an associate professor in the Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University and the author of The Anxieties of Mobility: Development and Migration in the Indonesian Borderlands (2009). He is also co-director of the documentary film, B.A.T.A.M. (2005). His current research focuses primarily on the labour recruitment and transnational migration from Indonesia to Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. In this talk Johan considers the critical role that documentary film has come to play in Contemporary campaigns against human trafficking, particularly of women and children into prostitution. His starting point is a series of films about the Indonesian island of Batam, located just off the coast of Singapore. As Batam was identified as a hotspot for trafficking after 2002, increasing numbers of journalists and filmmakers travelled to the island to make films about trafficking, usually in direct collaboration with local NGOs and international organisations and donors. In this process, testimonials of victims come to function both as a form of evidence in the audit regimes that characterise contemporary development work and as documents that generate affect and thereby a broader public interest in human trafficking.

Visual Dialogues is organised by Centre for Screen Studies and Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester.