Fun (and informative!) day with Yr 9 students from Birchwood High School. Workshop Art and Identity looked at Roberta Breitmore by Lynn Hershman Leeson; Andy Warhol; Sophie Calle; Christian Boltanski. Students brought in their own artefacts and photographs from home for discussion; character collage work in last section of the workshop.
100% of the students from Birchwood High School agreed that they had found out something about university that they didn’t know before, have a better understanding of how university is different from school and that the visit helped them to find out about areas of study that they didn’t know about before.
Teacher feedback on workshop:
‘Good hands on workshop session got students thinking and gave them the chance to be creative’
‘The workshop topic provided a practical and challenging workshop’
‘Learners were well behaved and engaged throughout the day thanks to the well organized programme’