I was thrilled to contribute to the two Darwin CPD events for teachers, 20th and 24th April held at the Manchester Museum, with Lou Sutherland, Cat Lumb, Alexa Jeanes, Henry McGhie and Pete Brown. Teachers were given a tour of the fabulous Charles Darwin exhibition, and throughout the session were introduced to various creative techniques and methods for engaging with museums and collections, and the topic of evolution, such as mind mapping, Clippy Island, and my focus, ‘scrapbooking’ the Museum. I discussed the work of artist Mark Dion, in particular the Surrealism Bureau which is installed in the Museum, and artist-scientist Ernst Haeckel and photographer Karl Blossfeldt. We then examined the Collection Wallets (see earlier post), and the process of collecting and ‘scrapbooking’ ideas, information and images to create an interdisciplinary teaching resource. The CPD event was great for demonstrating the links between art and science, and emphasising the Museum as wonderful environment for cross-curricula learning.

Artist Chrissie Morgan worked closely with the curators to visualise Darwin’s life story, and the resulting displays are stunning. Any students (or lecturers) that have not yet visited the Darwin exhibition, I very much recommend you do so before it is packed away in August – this is not an exhibition just for scientists!