The British Art Research School (BARS) at the University of York E-Bulletin and Blog are now live!

Please find attached the new BARS quarterly e-bulletin and details of the BARS blog. The British Art Research School (BARS) at the University of York aims to bring together researchers from across a range of academic institutions with research interests in British Art from the medieval to the contemporary. As well as organising events, conferences and talks related to the field, BARS will circulate a quarterly e-bulletin that collates information for British Art researchers, containing information from the BARS blog at

One aim of the BARS blog is to have a list of all researchers currently undertaking PhDs in the field of British art, in order to facilitate connections between students. If researchers are interested in having their name, institution, short paragraph detailing their PhD project, and contact email (optional) included on the blog, please contact us at

In order to subscribe to future e-bulletins, please contact

Many thanks and all the very best,

Catherine, Caroline and Shaun
(BARS bloggers

British Art Research Quarterly Feb2011[1]