As you may be aware, we at MUSEA (Manchester University Society for Emerging Artists) are updating and re-launching our blog, hoping to make more use of it to publicize the arts in Manchester and what MUSEA does as well as promote members’ artwork. Check it out so far here:
Any suggestions for submissions are more than welcome: anything arts-related (especially related to the Manchester arts scene) would be fantastic. If you’re looking for ideas, we especially need these things:


  • Born After 1924 at Castlefield Gallery
  • Mary Kelly: Projects at The Whitworth Gallery
  • Tailor, Striker, Singer, Dandy: new work by Lubiana Himid at Manchester City Gallery
  • Exporting Beauty: Pilkington, also at Manchester City Gallery
  • Desire and Repulsion: Grotesqueries at The Art Corner
  • Cary  Young:  Momento   Park  at Cornerhouse
  • Osa/Merzen at CUBE
  • CUBELab: Jason Minsky and William Titley
Both Manchester City Gallery and Cornerhouse have exhibitions opening on Saturday 5th, we’ll need reviews of them too.
While it doesn’t matter if we have more than one review of the same exhibition (it’s nice to have a variety of opinion) we can’t really have fourteen reviews of one exhibition and none of any others. SO, if you can email ahead with what you’re planning to review ( we’ll be able to let you know if we already have 1 million people doing it or not. We would like to be able to publish everyone’s work, but you’ll have a lot more opportunity if you’re writing on something new!
We also need articles (anything ranging from the academic to the journalistic) on art history: historical movements you want to write about, new trends in the art world either in Manchester or further afield, a new technique or technology you’re trying out in your own work… anything you feel strongly enough to write about!
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we need your artwork. Anything photographed and put on the MUSEA blog will, of course, be properly credited to you: you’ll still have copyright and all that sort of stuff, but having your work on the blog is pretty good publicity! We can allow or disallow comments as you prefer, so can get feedback if you want it. Photographs of your artwork need to be at least 950×713 pixels in size and 72 pixels/inch in resolution, but can be bigger. JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP are all OK.
Getting involved really is a great thing for your CV (it shows you can commit to deadline, demonstrate attention to detail, have good written communication skills, work both individually and as part of a team etc. etc.)
In terms of technicalities, we’ll be launching the blog (at least to start with) as a fortnightly online magazine, uploading all content at once every two weeks. This means we can publicize it more easily, rather than relying on casual traffic. To get your work published:
  • Email ahead to give us a heads up on what you want to have published on the blog
  • Write around 750 words (rough guide- more or less is not too much of a problem) on the subject of your choice, not in a crazy font if poss.
  • Email us pictures of your artwork: as above, photographs of your artwork need to be at least 950×713 pixels in size and 72 pixels/inch in resolution, but can be bigger. JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP are all OK.
  • Send us your work as a .doc or .docx file in an email by midnight on Friday 11th March
  • Wait for your work to be published on Monday 14th!
Hope to hear from you soon.
PS. You can now follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com_MUSEA