Manchester Art Crawl 2011- Call for Artists and Ideas

Who: All visual, audio, digital and time based artists of all career stages. All non artists wishing to deliver ideas in a contemporary art context (information available via website). All curators and event organisers.

What: The Manchester Art Crawl is an artist led festival of contemporary art with a research focus on live art. The festival straddles Manchester City Centre and neighbouring Salford occupying art and non art spaces alike. At the centre of the festival is a research hub inviting artists to discuss their ideas, concepts and interactions in relation to the relationship between artist and viewer during the festival. The Art Crawl is currently going through the process of becoming open source and open access as part of the festival’s emphasis on interactivity, accessibility and the sharing of ideas and information. The OS archive will create a completely transparent view of the inner workings of the festival; nothing about the festival will be private. The Art Crawl does not have any predetermined themes but does have an emphasis on the experimental and affirming the exhibition as a tool for development. The open call is for existing and new work including ideas that can be developed during the festival. Successful work will be matched as closely as possible to the ideal conditions outlined by the artist in the proposal.

When: 2-16 Jul 2011

Payments: Support and studio/project space can be offered. The festival does not offer any monetary support at this stage.

Charges: None

Details: The Manchester Art Crawl is supported by Castlefield Gallery and will be working with Manchester art spaces such as Islington Mill, Blank Space and Kraak Gallery.


Deadline: 15 May 2011