Film Screening and discussion

Thursday 12th May, 5.00-7.00pm

John Casken Lecture Theatre

Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama

Song on a Narrow Path: Stories from Jerusalem

Akram Safadi is a Palestinian photographer living in Jerusalem. In the eighties he captures the grief and pain on the streets of the first Intifa da uprising. The violence gets to such a point that he can no longer bear it. He seeks refuge in his dark room, trying to give a sense to his life and restore dignity to the people living in the divided city. Through the portraits of three characters we discover the constraints and difficulties of a life under 30 years of military control. Reem, an artist who claims her right to expression; Ali, a black political prisoner obsessed by the occupation and Farouq, who lives on the glorious memories of the past, are Akram’s metaphors. For them Jerusalem is a dream that troubles the mind and spirit between the recurring violence and mere survival.