“Frida Kahlo: Face to Face”
Friday 10 June 2011, 6pm

Booking essential

In her first ever visit to Manchester, artist, author, feminist, educator and intellectual Judy Chicago will discuss her most recent book Frida Kahlo: Face to Face. The event will also include an opportunity for questions, and will be followed by a book signing.

Judy Chicago pioneered Feminist Art and art education in the early seventies, after which she embarked upon her most well-known work, The Dinner Party, executed between 1974 and 1979.

Her prodigious career of art making now spans four decades and has included individual studio work in an extensive range of media, most recently in glass, and such collaborative series as the Birth Project, the Holocaust Project, and Resolutions: A Stitch in Time. She is also the author of twelve books based on her own artistic production and pedagogical approach, as well as texts that examine the careers of other artists, including this most recent publication which is co-authored with British art historian Frances Borzello and published by Prestel.

Lavishly illustrated, Frida Kahlo: Face to Face examines Kahlo’s overall body of art without constantly referencing Kahlo’s relationship with Diego Rivera and other men with whom she was involved, which has been an unfortunate tendency in books about women artists. In nine chapters, Chicago and Borzello carry on a lively dialogue about aspects of Kahlo’s works that have heretofore been neglected, placing the artist within the history of women’s struggle for aesthetic equity and freedom along with acknowledging her relationship to the mainstream of art history.

This publication continues Chicago’s steadfast commitment to the power of art as a vehicle for intellectual transformation and social change and to women’s right to engage in the highest level of art production.

The lecture will be introduced by Dr Patricia Allmer, Senior Research Fellow, MIRIAD.

Booking essential: details here.