American Bodies by David Wojtowycz

Preview – This Thursday 6-9pm followed by a backwards disco in the bar

Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW

An exhibition of new work by artist in residence David Wojtowycz. David has been in residency at Islington Mill for the past month developing a new series of work that is a culmination of two previous projects at September Gallery in Berlin and Black Mariah in Cork.

David uses Gay porno magazines from the 70s and 80s, film posters, magazine images and trailers of old black and white movies to generate products that are even more glamorous, pornographic, artistic, emotional and idealistic than the originals. Through the reflections of bodies, lines of text, logos and architecture, hybrid images arise that conjure up imprecise memories, emotions, fears and longing.

Working with a mix of watercolour, drawing, poster making, sculpture and installation his residency at the mill has culminated in the construction of a part sculptural – part architectural structure that surrounds the gallery space. Within the gallery he is exhibiting a series of new drawings based around the 1970s novel American Bodies by Peter Wahowitz.

Following the opening we will be hosting a backwards disco event. Whilst undertaking his residency at the Mill David was invited to participate in AND Festival creating a backwards disco stand for Preston Market. The backwards disco involved playing a selection of 7inch singles on a reversed record player. As part of the exhibition launch we are inviting people to bring along their own 7inches to try out on the reversed player and have our own backwards party.


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