A joint event with CIDRA: The Sense of Listening [7 Dec]

We invite proposals of approx 500 words, outlining your creative response to Jean-Luc Nancy’s text ‘Listening’.

Nancy focuses on the sensuousness of listening asking what it might mean to think of listening as an experience detached from the practice of hearing to understand or to decode meaning. In his text, ‘listening’ morphs into other senses such as touch where he discusses the body as an echo-chamber or where he interrogates the opposition between looking and listening. It also invites a consideration of the ethics of listening where keeping one’s ears open might be a form of receptivity to the other. The text enables speaker’s to engage with a whole range of senses by reorienting them around one single example, that of listening.

We encourage proposals from academics, writers, performers, musicians, artists, historians.

Responses should be no longer than 10min in ‘performance’ length, and can include:

A verbal academic paper

Creative writing


Music/ composition

Physical performance

Visuals/ art

Proposal deadline: 30 October 2011



Call for Proposals,The Sense of Listening.pdf

Listening by Jean-Luc Nancy.pdf