You are invited to a CIDRA public lecture taking place on Wednesday 16 November 4pm (with AHVS) in the Arts Lecture Theatre, Samuel Alexander Building:

Professor Martin Kemp, ‘Splashing Around: Structures and Intuitions in Art, Science and Technology from Leonardo to Modern Engineering’.

Followed by a wine reception. All welcome, no booking required.

Lecture Synopsis: Certain kinds of art and science originate in the intuiting of deep structures that lie behind appearance. Some of the structures are predominantly static, relying upon the fundamental forms of geometry; some are the result of process, like folding; others disclose the process itself, like splashing. Many of the structures result from processes of self-orgnaisation that are shared across organic and inorganic worlds. These themes run across art, architecture, design and various sciences from the Renaissance to today. The case studies will range from Leonardo to contemporary art and architecture.

See CIDRA website for further information: