Carol Mavor: Professor of Art History and Visual Studies, The University of Manchester


David Toop: Musician and Senior Research Fellow at the London College of Communication

Sound Piece

Eimer Birkbeck: Sound Artist, Paris

Sonorous Vision: Listening in to the Pool of Caravaggio’s Narcissus

Alison Criddle: PhD student, The University of Manchester

Blue and White in Conversation: Derek Jarman and Joseph Grigely

Jenna Carine Ashton: PhD student, The University of Manchester

break [20min]

Improvised Vocal Performance: Tennessee Loop (Waltz for Patti)

Suzy Mangion: PhD student, The University of Manchester

‘The Oblique Strategists’: Vocal and Dance Performance

Manny Emslie and Sarah Spies: Senior Lecturers, University of Chester

Participant Panel Discussion

[With Camilla Rostvik and Sophie Preston, MA students, The University of Manchester]

Papers and performances 10 minutes in length; keynote 20 minutes in length.

All welcome.

The Sense of Listening Poster

Participant Biographies

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