It’s not every day that you get a chance to go to a gallery and create the art that’s on display; but that’s exactly what happened a week ago at Kraak Gallery.Tucked away in a small Manchester corridor on Stevenson Square, finding it was the most difficult part of the night. Despite clear instructions on facebook my inbuilt sat nav was set to explore. After wondering about for ten minutes I came to a narrow cobblestone alleyway with music blasting from the end of it, being quite the intrepid explorer I followed the funky melodies and luckily found myself at Tape Drawing with Naomi Kashiwagi.By the time I had arrived (fashionably but not too late) things were in full swing, music pumping, alcohol flowing and art in the making. Drawing with tape doesn’t just limit you to the floor, people were being tapped to seats, there were streamers running from the ceiling even the tables were taped. Art Historians came out in full force though it was equally encouraging to have met people outside the faculty: psychics, sociology and politics students are but a few that I encountered. It was nice to see faculty members David Lomas make an appearance to support the events organisers: the Manchester Art Group.The event was a first for the Art Group which has been running since mid November and was certainly a success. Drawing with tape might not be conventional but being around friends and having no inhibitions about drawing abilities made it all the more fun ending in a tape fight in the small hours – nothing is more frightening than a ball of tape the size of a football hurtling towards you at 1 o’clock in the morning; which is why I decided to call it a night and set my sat nav to home.