Tomorrow is our next Wednesday seminar, led by Dr. Ben Harvey. He will be speaking on”Thirteen Ways of Looking at Fry’s Cézanne”

All welcome November 27: Wednesday, 4:30 pm, 4.05 Mansfield Cooper Bldg

Over eighty-five years after its publication, Roger Fry’s 1927 monograph about Paul Cézanne still occupies a prominent position in art history’s literature, as well as in several art-historical subfields (art criticism, modernism, formalism, Bloomsbury, and Cézanne studies). Only recently it was numbered among the The Books that Shaped Art History (Thames & Hudson: 2013), an attempt to create a kind of textual canon for the discipline.

But how well do we really know Fry’s Cézanne? This talk outlines some different ways of looking at a supposedly familiar book. To name a few of these ways, it discusses the book’s genesis, its marketing, and elements of its reception. And, going beyond the formalism Fry is inevitably associated with, it considers the monograph in relationship to other modes of thinking and writing: (auto)biography, psychoanalysis, didactic literature, and the double story.

All welcome for the lecture, plus cakes, wine and good conversation.